EDULEARN23 International Education Conference (Fecha: del 3 al 5 de julio de 2023)

EDULEARN23 International Education Conference (Fecha: del 3 al 5 de julio de 2023)

El Colegio de Ciencias Políticas y Sociología de Castilla y León les recomienda «EDULEARN23 (15th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies que se realizará los días 3, 4 y 5 de julio de 2023 en Palma de Mallorca.

EDULEARN23 International Education Conference

EDULEARN23 will be the 15th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies and will be held in Palma (Spain) on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July, 2023.

EDULEARN has been running for 15 years and is a renowned global educational conference which allows lecturers, researchers, technologists, and professionals from the educational sector to share their expertise about teaching and learning methodologies and to present their projects. The 2023 edition of EDULEARN is sure to be one of the most successful educational conferences in Europe.
EDULEARN provides an ideal opportunity for international strategic networking and is without a doubt the best place to present your projects and innovations regarding education and technology.

EDULEARN22 Keynote Spech by Michelle R. Weise

EDULEARN22 Keynote Spech by Michelle R. Weise

A truly international event

EDULEARN is a globally known event and every year it brings together more than 800 delegates from 80 different countries. We can ensure you that there will be a highly diverse mix of people attending who will all share their profoundly valuable knowledge in the fields of education and technology.

Submit your abstract!

If you wish to share (in person or in a virtual manner) your experiences and projects in the area of education, research and innovation, you are invited to submit your abstract proposal for EDULEARN23. The deadline for abstracts submission is March 9th, 2023.

EDULEARN22 Networking

EDULEARN23 is an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues with your very same interests.


EDULEARN23 Proceedings will be produced with all the accepted abstracts and papers.
All the approved contributions will be included in the IATED Digital Library to form part of our database of innovative projects in Education and Technology.

This publication will be submitted for evaluation for its inclusion in Web of Science (Conference Proceedings Citation Index).

What’s more, IATED has become a member of Crossref, a not-for-profit membership organization for scholarly publishing working to make content easy to find, link, cite and assess. Due to this partnership, each published paper in EDULEARN23 Proceedings will be assigned a DOI number (Digital Object Identifiers) to facilitate its citation and indexation

Exhibition area

The main purpose of the EDULEARN23 exhibition area is to provide a mutual benefit to participants and industry suppliers by bringing them together and creating a culture of learning, as well as strategic cooperation opportunities.

This section will provide an overview of the most recent educational resources and innovative programs. Furthermore, it will highlight the networking opportunities that will be on offer, and which will allow you to facilitate new partnerships with key players in the industry.

EDULEARN22 Keynote Speech by Wayne Holmes

EDULEARN22 Keynote Speech by Wayne Holmes

A special venue: Palma de Mallorca

Not only will you enhance your knowledge at our world-renowned conference, but you will also have the fantastic opportunity to visit Palma de Mallorca.
The capital of the island of Mallorca is located in the bay of the same name and enjoys an excellent climate all year round. Known for its sun and beach tourism, it also has an attractive historic quarter and its monuments are well worth visiting.
The landscape of the island is full of coves, beaches, pine forests and cliffs on the coast. The variety of the landscape and culture invites visitors to explore every corner of the island and to enjoy its unique local gastronomy.
Also, Palma is a very accessible city: Its airport offers a wide range of international flights
Come and experience it for yourself!

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