CityZen 1st Impact Workshop (Digital event), (Fecha: January 21st 9.45 am – 1 pm and January 22nd 10am – 1pm, 2021)

CityZen 1st Impact Workshop (Digital event), (Fecha:  January 21st 9.45 am – 1 pm and January 22nd 10am – 1pm, 2021)

The first CityZen Impact Workshop ‘Urban farming policy implications in the current economic system, business models and supply chains’ will be held online on January 21st (9.45 am – 1 pm) and January 22nd (10am – 1pm), 2021.

We also welcome interested people outside of our CityZen project community to join, please register under the link below.

On the first day, three external experts will give impulse presentations on urban farming, business models and technology and innovation:

  1. Urban farming business models – by Andrea Patrucco, Municipality of Milano – Urban Economy and Employment department, Italy
  2. Technology and Innovation for urban farming – by Eleftheria Gavriilidou, Aristotle University, Greece
  3. Applying creativity to urban farming business modelling in the new reality – by Antonio Carlos Ruiz Soria, Economia Creativa, Spain

On the second day, three practical case studies related to the topics from day 1 from our regions will be presented:

  1. Mertola Municipality’s (Portugal) set of measures to foster local urban farming initiatives
  2. Collaboration of Bulgarian Central Cooperative Union with schools to launch herb gardens and train young managers of cooperatives/urban farms (Bulgaria)
  3. Food Lab in Valladolid in support of local eco-producers and food chains
  4. Argo Social Enterprise facilitates social inclusion through new urban farming jobs and skills in Thessaloniki

Lastly, policy recommendations based on all presentations and feedback rounds will be developed in working groups.

Picture credit: Institute for Rural Development Research

It is necessary to register in this link

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