Convocatoria: 2 International doctoral scholarships – Bamberg (Plazo: 15 de septiembre de 2022)

2 International doctoral scholarships – Bamberg

Organismo: Bamberg


  • We are looking for candidates with a non-German citizenship who are holding a Master’s degree or equivalent in Sociology, Political Sciences, Economics, Statistics, Demography, Empirical Educational Sciences or Psychology. Candidates should propose an original dissertation project fitting thematically into at least one of our four research pillars.
  • The two main criteria are the candidate’s proven record of academic excellence on the one hand, and BAGSS’ ability to ensure competent, research-led supervision on the other


  • Please submit your application here.

Plazo de presentación: 15/09/2022 (Susceptible a error de cálculo, comprobar siempre)


Si te presentas a esta convocatoria y consigues este empleo infórmanos para llevar un control de la utilidad de este servicio: ¡GRACIAS!

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