Convocatoria: Associate professorship in Comparative Culture Studies – University of Copenhagen (Plazo: 1 de febrero de 2021)

Associate professorship in Comparative Culture Studies – University of Copenhagen

Organismo: University of Copenhagen


In connection with the appointment of the position of associate professor, we emphasize that the applicant has research and teaching qualifications corresponding to what can be achieved by satisfactory employment as an assistant professor or tenure track assistant professor.

The applicant is expected to be able to take part in all the activities of the department, including examinations and administration, and to manage research projects, provide pedagogical supervision, support assistant professors and participate in academic assessment panels.

The duties of the position are evenly distributed on tasks related to teaching and tasks related to research (including relevant administration and knowledge-sharing). Hence the assessment of applicants’ qualifications will assign equal weight to documented competences in the field of teaching, pedagogy and didactics as in the field of research, research collaboration and research organization. Applicants with documentation of excellent teaching skills including experience with development of teaching and with experiences and reflections on how most effectively to integrate research and teaching activities will be given priority


Submit the application online in Adobe PDF or Word format.

Please note that each field in the application form must only contain a single file of max. 20Mb.

Please click on the “Apply now” icon at the bottom of the page.

The application must be written in English and must include the following:

Application letter/cover letter

Curriculum vitae

Documentation of qualifications (examination certificates/PhD diploma, etc.).

Complete and numbered list of publications. The enclosed publications must be marked with star*

Research plan, including a short description of previous research and a plan for the coming years that includes an account of involvement in organising research, establishment of research seminars, symposia and congresses, etc.

Teaching portfolio. Documentation of teaching qualifications and research dissemination (organisation of classes, materials, courses and other forms of teaching) (

Publications. Applicants may choose a maximum of five publications for assessment, of which at least three must have been published within the five years immediately preceding the deadline for applications. Publication dates must be clearly marked on the publication list. The publications selected must be uploaded as attachments and named from 1 to 5.

Plazo de presentación: Hasta 01/02/2021(Susceptible a error de cálculo, comprobar siempre)


Bases y convocatoria

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