Convocatoria: Public Policy (Political Science) Assistant Professor – Simon Fraser University (Canadá) (Plazo: 11 de enero de 2021)

Public Policy (Political Science) Assistant Professor – Simon Fraser University (Canadá)

Organismo: Simon Fraser University (Canadá)

They will demonstrate evidence of a commitment to values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in their service, teaching, and scholarly research activities. Research can be in any substantive area of applied public policy analysis. They will also demonstrate an appreciation for and an ability to centre diverse perspectives and experiences and what that entails, for example, in making learning inclusive and accessible for students, in working with communities related to scholarly research, in establishing networks for students’ community placements. As well, candidates should demonstrate a commitment to high quality research and teaching, and community engagement and outreach in a professional school of public policy. The ideal candidate will demonstrate an ability to show educational leadership in the application of political science to public policy issues including as they relate to equity, diversity, and inclusion and issues of Indigenous rights and title. They will have an established record of scholarly achievement, including peer-reviewed publications, presentations at significant conferences, and strong letters of reference.

Applications must include a cover letter, a CV, a one-page research plan for the next five years, a representative publication, a one-page teaching statement, a course syllabus on the topic of the political foundations of public policy at the graduate or undergraduate level, evidence of teaching effectiveness, three confidential letters of reference, a 1‐2 page statement of past or potential contributions that might cover topics such as (but not limited to): research and/or teaching that incorporates a focus on underrepresented communities, the development of inclusive pedagogies, participation in training and workshops, or the mentoring of students from underrepresented groups.

Plazo de presentación: Hasta 11/01/2021 (Susceptible a error de cálculo, comprobar siempre)

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