Convocatoria: Global and International Studies Fellow in Residence – Carleton University (Canadá) (Plazo: 4 de enero de 2021)

Global and International Studies Fellow in Residence – Carleton University (Canadá)

Organismo: Carleton University (Canadá)

The applicant should have an impressive record of public policy engagement in the broad field of global and international studies, ranging from work in the public service, diplomacy, policy research arena, civil society advocacy, development, international litigation, or security services.

Applications should be sent electronically in ONE PDF file and should include: (1) a cover letter, (2) a full resume or curriculum vitae, and (3) a short description of the proposed honours seminar that the candidate would teach. Reference letters are NOT required at the time of application, but candidates should include the contact information for three potential referees. Please send to the attention of Professor Neil Gerlach, Program Director, Bachelor of Global and International Studies. Please submit applications via email to

Plazo de presentación: Hasta 04/01/2021(Susceptible a error de cálculo, comprobar siempre)

Bases y convocatoria

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