Convocatoria: Research Group Leader position – Max-Planck Institute (Alemania) (Plazo: 22 de octubre de 2020)

Research Group Leader position – Max-Planck Institute (Alemania)

Organismo: Max-Planck Institute (Alemania)


The MPG invites outstanding applicants to apply for Max Planck Research Group Leader positions. The successful candidates will be offered a Max Planck Research Group for a period of five years at a Max Planck Institute of their own choice. This includes a W2 position (equivalent to an assistant or untenured associate professor level) and additional resources for research positions, as well as a budget to realize the project. The total funding for a Max Planck Research Group is competitive with top start-up packages in international career development programs. The MPG aims to support emerging scholars early in their career path.The MPG and the Technische Universität München (TUM) continue their joint MPG/TUM career program.

It provides an add-on opportunity for newly hired Max Planck Research Group Leaders: Once accepted for a Max Planck Research Group Leader position, they can also apply for a position as a Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the TUM. Acceptance into this joint program includes the right to award doctoral degrees, and further provides career options to Associate and Full Professor status according to the TUM Faculty Tenure Track system (see and This offer is independent of the chosen Max Planck Institute.


To submit your application online and for more details about the program, please visit:

Plazo de presentación: 22/10/2020 (Susceptible a error de cálculo, comprobar siempre)


Si te presentas a esta convocatoria y consigues este empleo infórmanos para llevar un control de la utilidad de este servicio: ¡GRACIAS!

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