Convocatoria: Postdoctoral Candidates as Leader of Leibniz Junior Research Groups – Leibniz Association (Plazo: 30 de abril de 2021)

Postdoctoral Candidates as Leader of Leibniz Junior Research Groups – Leibniz Association

Organismo: Leibniz Association


Applicants must have a track record of outstanding academic work in their field. They will be assessed on their academic performance, career status and future career prospects. The proposed scientific project will be judged according to its academic and methodological quality, prospects of success, originality and relevance.

The hosting Leibniz Institute must guarantee that the proposed Junior Research Group will be granted scientific independence.

In general, candidates should have obtained their doctorate no more than five years ago (child-raising adjustment: add two years per child under the age of 12).

The Leibniz Association explicitly encourages applications from international candidates. German language skills are not required initially. Successful candidates are, however, encouraged to learn German and will be offered support in this area.


Candidates need the support of the Leibniz Institute of their choice in the application process. Interested researchers should therefore start by contacting their chosen Leibniz Institute. Applications are submitted to the Leibniz Headquarters by the director of the Leibniz Institute in question.

Please get in touch with the respective Leibniz Institute early enough to allow sufficient time for application procedures. For a list of all Leibniz Institutes and contact persons, please visit

Plazo de presentación: 30/04/2021 (Susceptible a error de cálculo, comprobar siempre)


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