Convocatoria: Pre-Doctoral Researcher in Survey Methodology – Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Organismo: Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Required Languages: English Excellent


The selected pre-doctoral researcher is expected to complete a PhD during the duration of the project (maximum 4 years). The topic of the PhD should be fully in line with the project. More precisely, the candidate should focus on the use of visual data within the frame of (mobile) web surveys and/or on in-the-moment surveys triggered by metered data or by GPS data. The selected candidate is expected to apply to the PhD program of the Department of Social and Political Sciences at UPF (see, even if alternatives could be considered.

Minimum qualifications for candidates:

1. Master degree (or equivalent) in survey methodology. Master degrees (or equivalent) in other fields (e.g., sociology, economics, political science) might also be considered as long as the candidate can also demonstrate some knowledge and previous experience with survey implementation.

2. A solid background in statistics, including knowledge of some statistical software (at least Stata or R) and a solid background on data collection processes and issues, including knowledge about (quasi) experimental designs and survey designs.

3. Demonstrated high level of fluency in written academic English (e.g. by means of first authored published work in international peer-reviewed scientific journals) as well as spoken English.

4. Ability to work independently on the generation of publications and reports, and to present the work in front of an audience.

To apply for this position send the following before October May 1rst to Dr. Melanie Revilla with reference to “WEBDATAOPP –Predoctoral Position” in the subject of the email:

1. A letter of motivation (max 2 pages) explaining how candidate fulfills each of the qualifications mentioned in job description and why they are interested in this position.

2. A copy of the CV

Deadline to submit applications: May, 1rst, 2020


Plazo de presentación: 01/05/2020  (Susceptible a error de cálculo, comprobar siempre)


Si te presentas a esta convocatoria y consigues este empleo infórmanos para llevar un control de la utilidad de este servicio: ¡GRACIAS!

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