Convocatoria: 7 Doctoral Researcher Positions on «Social Dynamics of the Self» – BIGSSS (Plazo: 29 de febrero de 2020)

7 Doctoral Researcher Positions on «Social Dynamics of the Self» – BIGSSS



Organismo: BIGSSS

We invite applications from exceptional candidates with strong academic abilities and a Master s degree (or equivalent) in psychology, sociology, or political science. Potential candidates with a degree in related disciplines are also welcome. All accepted researchers are asked to move to Bremen for the program as presence at the institution is required.

Applicants have to demonstrate a broad thematic fit between the dissertation proposal and the outlined project lines. Up to three possibly fitting project lines can be specified in the application.

Applications must be submitted online with reference number A370/19.

More information about the RTG, the list of required application materials and how to apply can be found at

Plazo de presentación: 29/02/2020

Si te presentas a esta convocatoria y consigues este empleo infórmanos para llevar un control de la utilidad de este servicio: ¡GRACIAS!

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