Convocatoria: Sociology – Assistant Professor (Popular Culture, Caribbean Cultures) – Ryerson University (Plazo: 11 de enero de 2020)

Sociology – Assistant Professor (Popular Culture, Caribbean Cultures) – Ryerson University


Organismo: Ryerson University
The successful candidate will have completed a PhD in Sociology or a related discipline (or expect to do so by July 2020).  In addition, the successful candidate must present evidence of:

  • strong or emerging scholarly research that is active, innovative and impactful resulting in achievements such as peer reviewed and community-oriented publications, working papers, book chapters, public policy contributions, presentations at significant conferences, awards and accolades, writings or creative productions disseminated by other suitable means and other noteworthy activities that contribute to the visibility and prominence of the discipline;
  • expertise in theories of culture and media representation, a rich analysis of culture through an equity lens, and a program of research focussed on Caribbean cultural forms, current issues affecting Caribbean communities (both in the region and the diaspora); and a commitment to representation of the Caribbean in all its diversity and complexity;
  • excellence in teaching through a teaching dossier that outlines the teaching philosophy, teaching accomplishments (including experience with course/curriculum review/development), excellent pedagogical practice, sample syllabi and teaching evaluations;
  • strong communication and expository skills and a demonstrated ability or the potential to supervise undergraduate and graduate students;
  • commitment to our values of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion as it pertains to service, teaching, and scholarly research or creative activities, including a demonstrated ability to make learning accessible and inclusive for a diverse student population; and
  • an ability to contribute to the life of the Department, Faculty and the University through collegial service.


Evidence of a record of collaboration with Caribbean communities and organizations.

Plazo de presentación: 11/01/2020


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