Convocatoria: Postdoctoral fellow in Ageing and Social Change Norrkoping – Linköping University (Plazo: 15 de diciembre de 2019).

Postdoctoral fellow in Ageing and Social Change Norrkoping – Linköping University


Organismo: Linköping University
The position requires a Ph.D. or an equivalent degree, e.g. in Sociology, Economics, Political Sciences, Statistics, Gerontology, Ageing Research or related disciplines. The doctorate shall have been obtained no longer than three years before the starting date of the employment?

A successful candidate should have a high interest and documented experiences in the research area of the EIWO programme. A successful candidate should have a specific interest in issues of working life, ageing, life-long learning, life-course policies, social exclusion, inequality life-course and social change in order to carry out research in this area.

A successful candidate should have very good knowledge in statistics in general, as well as in overall quantitative methodology and analysis tools. Key competences and experiences include knowledge on study design, data processing, and data analysis. Excellent expertise concerning analysis software such as SPSS or STATA is crucial; experience with Mplus and proper knowledge of complex statistical analysis methods and modelling are a significant bonus. Good knowledge in qualitative research and in policy analysis as well as the ability to work in an international consortium are a relevant plus. Familiarity with complex mixed-methods research designs is especially meriting.

Very good knowledge of English


Contact person

Andreas Motel-Klingebiel

Head of Division and Professor in Ageing and Later Life

+46 11-363394

Åsa Änggård

HR Manager

+46 11-363601

Plazo de presentación: 15/12/2019
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