Professorship Political and Social Sciences – University of Bremen (Plazo: 24 de mayo de 2017)

Professorship Political and Social Sciences – University of Bremen


Organismo: University of Bremen


  • Applicants should have researched and published in at least one of the following areas:
  • Social sciences and European studies, political and sociological theory, European institutions, integration and Europeanization;
  • European politics, neighbourhood, frontier and migration policies;
  • attitudes and behaviour in public life
  • Southern and Western Europe


Applications must include a CV (with copies of certificates), a list of publications and courses taught, an outline of a mid- to long-term research agenda, and a statement on the applicant’s teaching philosophy (all this preferably within one pdf-document), plus – separate – pdf-copies of three relevant publications. Applications should be addressed to the Dean Prof. Dr. Bernd Zolitschka, under the following address:

Dean of the Faculty of Social Science 08

University of Bremen

PF 330 440

28334 Bremen


Plazo Estimado de Presentación: 24.05.2017


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